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Mysore A Chandan | Thillana in Vasanthi

Carnatic Tradition • 8m 9s

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    Kathanakuthuhalam radiates joy and exuberance. It is an unusual raga in the Carnatic system full of unexpected twists and turns in its gait, its tonal sentences almost conveying the groove and liveliness of a western major scale. Aruna Sairam performs ‘Kathanakuthuhala Raga Priye’ in this video –...

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    ‘Gopalaka Pahimam’ is a composition of Maharaja Swati Tirunal (1813-1846) in Raag Revagupthi. Set to Misra Chapu tala, the composition is a beautiful narrative of all the ‘kalyana guna’ or the magnificent qualities of Lord Krishna, the flute-playing diety of the Hindus. Maharaja Tirunal was the k...