Thumri and light classical

Thumri and light classical

Thumri and light classical

Thumri and light classical
  • Shubha Mudgal Jhoola in Mishra Kafi

    Shubha Mudgal fortuitously combines her musical flair with the strong force of her personality to uncover fresh perspectives within known and unknown territories alike. Mudgal’s distinct brand of khayal and versatile style is the result of study with a wide range of gurus - notably Ramashreya Jha...

  • Ken Zuckerman | Raag Chandranandan

    Ken Zuckerma performs Raga Rathipathi at the Darbar Festival 2021.

    Tabla - Surdarshan Singh

  • Ken Zuckerman | Raag Gorakh Kalyan

    Ken Zuckerma performs Raga Gorakh Kalyan at the Darbar Festival 2021.

    Tabla - Surdarshan Singh

  • Ken Zuckerman | Raag Kaushi Kanara

    Ken Zuckerma performs Raag Kaushi Kanara at the Darbar Festival 2021.

    Tabla - Surdarshan Singh

  • Ken Zuckerman | Raag Sindih Bhairavi

    Ken Zuckerma performs Raag Sindih Bhairavi at the Darbar Festival 2021.

    Tabla - Surdarshan Singh

  • Pandit Shivkumar Sharma | Dhun in Pahadi

    The northern-most state of Jammu which is the native region of Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, has one of the richest folk cultures in India. Jammu is a colourful platter of music, art, crafts and agriculture that constitute the main livelihood of its people.

    Raag Pahadi is based on the folk melodies o...

  • Ramakant Gaikwad | Thumri

    This beautiful thumri in Mishra Bageshri is a traditional composition that was popularised by Ustad Umeed Ali Khan (1910-1979) and subsequently by his contemporaries like Ustad Nazakat Ali (1928-1984) and Ustad Salamat Ali Khan (1934-2001).

    Ramakant Gaikwad performs this lighter piece live aga...

  • Omkar Dadarkar | Patdeep

    Raag Patdeep comes from the same family as Bhimpalasi and retains its heady melodic appeal. In addition, it draws heavily upon the characteristics of Dhaneshree that imbues it with the intriguing emotions of longing and earnest obeisance.

    Omkar Dadarkar demonstrates Raag Patdeep with a traditi...

  • Vishwa Mohan Bhatt | Tilak Kamod

    This serene lullaby is Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt’s own composition. He had composed it as a tribute to his mother, Vatsalya Bhatt, when she was 96 years old. Before beginning, he dedicates this song to all mothers and suprises the audience with a stunning vocal rendition of the same.

    The song is...

  • Ken Zuckerman | Durgeshwari

    Ken Zuckerman gives an exceptional performance of Raag Durgeshwari, a melody that was popularized by his guru Ustad Ali Akbar Khan in the 60’s. This is his concluding piece at the Darbar festival 2007 which was held in Leicester at the Phoenix.

    Raag Durgeshwari embodies a sumptuous blend of four...

  • Parveen Sultana | Thumri in Mishra Bhairavi

    This thumri in Mishra Bhairavi is an incredible rendition by Begum Parveen Sultana. Beginning on a slow lilt, this romantic piece features the best vocal nuances of Begum Sultana. It is a spellbinding rendition that showcases her Patiala gayaki as well as features the most youthful vibrance that ...

  • Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar | Raag Bhairavi

    ‘Tum Ho Jagat Ke Data,’ (O’ Almighty, you are the creator of the universe) is a beautiful thumri that was composed by the late sitar legend, Ustad Vilayat Khan. It is set to Raag Bhairavi in a slow tempo of 7 beats (Rupak taal). Unlike most Bhairavi compositions which have a faster tempo and are ...

  • Ustad Shahid Parvez | Bhairavi

    Parvez’s portrayal of Bhairavi is deeply profound; In this piece from the Darbar Festival 2007, he concludes his recital with this composition set to a rhythmic cycle of 6 beats (Dadra). Pandit Yogesh Samsi gives a mellowed accompaniment on the tabla, suited against the devotional mood and pathos...

  • Arati Ankalikar Tikekar | Chaiti

    ‘Chaiti’ is a light classical form that originated in the western belt of India with strong influences of the folk music of the region. It is a seasonal song sung during the lunar month in the Hindu calendar marking the celebrations that follow the harvesting period (February-March) in agricultur...

  • Indrani Mukherjee | Raag Multani

    Indrani Mukherjee holds the tradition of the Kirana-Rampur gharana and thumri in Purab Ang. Mukherjee performs Raag Multani in the afternoon on location in the village of Bawali, West Bengal as locals watch on her performance with amazement.

    Multani is a popular afternoon raga. It draws from To...

  • Alam Khan | Mishra Piloo

    He plays two beautiful compositions, the first one is a dhun in Mishra Piloo set to a serene, madhyalay 7-beat cycle in Rupak taal and the second, a famous drut gat in Raag Piloo spread over a 16-beat cycle.

    Khan forays amply into the interiors of this hybrid raga with expansive vistaar and tau...

  • Pandit Venkatesh Kumar | Khamaj

    Pandit Venkatesh Kumar holds a Doctoral degree in Indian classical music from the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, one of the most austere institutions of Indian classical music in India. He has authored a text book that has been made a part of the academic syllabus of colleges running under the aegis of...

  • Indrani Mukherjee | Raag Todi

    Indrani Mukherjee sings the morning Raag Todi amongst the lush setting of The Rajbari Bawali near Kolkata. Mukherjee is from the Kirana-Rampur style and thumri in Purab Ang. After training in the family she studied under gurus from Allahabad and Benares, and was selected as a scholar of the ITC ...