Films and Documentaries

Films and Documentaries

Films and Documentaries

Films and Documentaries
  • Bhagti Margi | Pandit Arvind Parikh

    “He must live in a parallel universe where the days are 48 hours long and the week is 14 days” explains Ustad Zakir Hussain about the award winning Pandit Arvind Parikh. This documentary is produced to coincide with Parikh’s 93rd birthday celebrations. He looks back at his good fortune to have be...

  • Sadhana | Film by Rehmat Rayatt

    A short film exploring the concept of sadhana. “Everything has to go through that sadhana phase, otherwise you can never achieve anything”. (Anupama Bhagwat)

    Three disparate musicians come together to perform their spiritually-centred art forms at the Darbar Festival 2013. Sadhana, which means ‘...

  • Heart of Rhythm Film

    Sushant Chaudhary’s short documentary on Bernhard Schimpelsberger, a cross-cultural rhythmic visionary who fluidly combines ideas from East and West.

    British-Austrian percussionist Bernhard Schimpelsberger brings a deep affinity with Indian rhythm to his roots in jazz and Western classical. Many...

  • Margam | Film by Rehmat Rayatt

    Margam, translated as ‘path or course followed’ is a beautiful, personalised snapshot into the preparations for an Indian classical dance performance.

    Award winning UK artist, Seeta Patel, has learnt contemporary and classical dance for over twelve years. Her work has garnered international accl...