Darbar TV Season 4

Darbar TV Season 4

6 Episodes

Darbar Festival 2011 featuring Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar (khayal), Uday Bhawalkar (dhrupad), Roopa Panesar (sitar), Gurdain Rayatt (tabla solo), Tarang Ensemble and Madras String Quartet

Darbar TV Season 4
  • S4 EP1 Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar

    Episode 1

    Pandit Kashalkar performs Darbari Kanada, the majestic raga with a flow and clarity creating a spellbinding effect. There is a rare balance of openness and structural adherence in Kashalkar’s performances. The way he elaborates every phrase is like throwing light or paving the path for a new phra...

  • S4 EP2 Uday Bhawalkar

    Episode 2

    Bhawalkar’s exploration of Bhimpalasi is intense. He plunges into the lower notes and glides to the higher notes during the alap and jod, discovering intricate patterns at the end of each phrase. The melody is developed through jhala in a leisurely manner, touching both the octaves and packing it...

  • S4 EP3 Roopa Panesar

    Episode 3

    S4 EP3 Roopa Panesar

  • S4 EP4 Gurdain Rayatt

    Episode 4

    Rayatt performs a thunderous solo in a 16-beat cycle (teentaal) keeping the temperament predisposed to highlighting the richness of the compositions and tukdas in between. There is consistency in his restrained but powerful playing throughout the concert. As he delivers one after the other compos...

  • S4 EP5 Tarang Ensemble

    Episode 5

    Tarang is a UK-based music ensemble that consists of some of the finest young performers. A unique characteristic of the ensemble is the combination of North and South Indian music traditions, with Western instruments and elements of performance. It creates a concert experience rarely seen elsewh...

  • S4 EP6 Madras String Quartet

    Episode 6

    A string quartet by the name of the capital of Carnatic classical music of the world could be quite a curious moniker for anybody. In this concert the Madras String Quartet will take you by a surprise as it presents compositions that delightfully combine the East and West, engaging the audience i...