Darbar TV Series 11

Darbar TV Series 11

6 Episodes

Featuring Ustad Shahid Parvez (sitar), Soumik Datta (sarod), Lalgudi GJR Krishnan (violin), Rupak Kulkarni (bansuri), Sanju Sahai (tabla solo) and Meeta Pandit (khayal vocal)

Darbar TV Series 11
  • S11 EP1 Soumik Datta

    Episode 1

    UK-based Datta gives a riveting performance in Raag Durga, Gorakh Kalyan and Tilak Kamod infused with energy and joy. He unfolds Durga, the pentatonic raga, etching its enchanting characteristics with meditative explorations and assertive improvisations. Datta strikes a brilliant balance between ...

  • S11 EP2 Meeta Pandit

    Episode 2

    Pandit performs Raag Bageshri in her delightful, deep voice in this episode. She improvises the raga in authentic Gwalior style using the lyrics of the compositions (bolalaaps and boltaans) and creating crystal clear and sharp crests and troughs in the lower, middle and upper octaves. Thereafter,...

  • S11 EP3 Lalgudi GJR Krishnan and Vijayalakshmi

    Episode 3

    Enjoy this recital by the torch-bearers of the legendary Lalgudi family of Carnatic music in India – the siblings Krishnan and Vijayalakshmi, regaling Darbar audiences to a standing ovation with Raag Mukhari and Dharmavati.

    Darbar endeavours to present both the North and South Indian classi...

  • S11 EP4 Rupak Kulkarni

    Episode 4

    “Belonging to a family of musicians comes with a great advantage because you get an exposure to stage performance and of facing larger audiences from a very tender age; It helps you get rid of stage-fear from a very early age itself,” says Kulkarni. In this wonderful recital, he performs an evoca...

  • S11 EP5 Sanju Sahai

    Episode 5

    In this magical performance, Sahai begins with a dazzling Uthaan in pure Benares style, a prolonged rhythmic structure that is transposed over a cycle of 16 beats, displaying umpteen varieties of patterns and variants.

    “Performing a solo gives me the opportunity to express myself through the c...

  • S11 EP6 Shahid Parvez

    Episode 6

    Ustad Parvez plays Yaman, cajoling the phrases with romance, finesse and repose. He unfurls each melody-laden phrase with bliss and generous dollops of very well-rounded glides and ornamentations. He retains the glides on his sitar with spectacular sustenance of notes. In the vilambit gat set to ...