Darbar TV Season 5

Darbar TV Season 5

6 Episodes

Darbar Festival 2012 featuring Ustad Shujaat Khan (sitar), Mysore Brothers (violin), Manjiri Asnare (khayal), Pandit Rajendra Prasanna (flute), Prattyush Banerjee (sarod) and Chitraveena Ravikiren (veena)

Darbar TV Season 5
  • S5 EP1 Pandit Rajendra Prasanna

    Episode 1

    Pandit Prasanna renders two mellifluous morning Ragas that use both madhyams or the 4th note – Lalit and Shudh Sarang, where he unfolds the essence of both the melodies with ample grace and technique. He exposes the chromatic madhyams in Lalit with majestic control and tonal clarity. In Shudh Sa...

  • S5 EP2 Ustad Shujaat Khan

    Episode 2

    In the true cadence of the Etawah gharana, Khan plays a resounding Aliya Bilawal in which he lends an impressive depth of his own, exploring the sweetness of the raga as much as he exposes the underlying dignity of Bilawal. Khan has a non-chalant, sure-shot way of delivering the central phrases o...

  • S5 EP3 Manjiri Asnare-Kelkar

    Episode 3

    Asanare sings Raisa Kanada and Daguri, two ragas from the Jaipur-Atrauli repertoire with remarkable flair and fluency. She elaborates both ragas with a steady voice exposing their exquisite nuances in detail. She raises her game with command and control delivering taans (rapid notes) in four time...

  • S5 EP4 Mysore Brothers

    Episode 4

    Mysore Brothers perform Charukesi with refined technical virtuosity and jaunty phrases tapering to a pleading refrain with each phrase and weaving a multitude of patterns and emotions all the way. Don’t miss the tani avartanam (interactive percussion session) by veteran player Srimushnam Raja Ra...

  • S5 EP5 Prattyush Banerjee

    Episode 5

    Banerjee gives a splendid performance of Patdeep with a meandering and fluid alap, jor and jhala followed by two compositions. His sensitive treatment of Patdeep revealed with delicate phrasing develops to stately bolkaari-based passages based on lovely patterns of the raga’s phrases highlighted ...

  • S5 EP6 Chitraveena Ravikiran

    Episode 6

    Ravikiran gives a heart-warming and humor-laden description of the anatomy of his instrument – the chitravina, before he begins his recital of a Thyagaraja composition set to Pantuvarali. He pegs improvisations ranging from the subtle to the robust around the pallavi-anupallavi-charanam, developi...