Darbar TV Season 3

Darbar TV Season 3

6 Episodes

Darbar Festival 2010 TV programmes featuring Pandit Venkatesh Kumar (khayal), Pandit Kushal Das (sitar), Rajesh Vaidya (veena), Pandit Shivkumar Sharma (santoor), Encounter (Khayal & Saprano) and Jyotsna Shrikanth (violin)

Darbar TV Season 3
  • S3 EP1 Pandit Venkatesh Kumar

    Episode 1

    Pandit Kumar gives a majestic and outstanding performance of Raag Multani and Patdeep in his UK and international debut concert. His gayaki blends motley of schools ranging from Gwalior to Kirana and Patiala. This is a concert that left a packed hall spellbound and speechless and may be said to ...

  • S3 EP2 Pandit Kushal Das

    Episode 2

    Das bridges the different styles of the Senia Maihar and Etawah gharanas providing a unique hybrid style. His rendering the popular afternoon Raag Bhimpalasi reflects his intense use of phrases interwoven to the strict raga framework which comes to a steady climax through speed and dexterity of t...

  • S3 EP3 Rajesh Vaidya

    Episode 3

    Vaidhya’s concerts are off-beat, free-spirited and often a trend-setter of sorts. Raag Kafi sounds eclectic on his electrical saraswati veena as he builds it up with flashy ornamentations and pegs it with witty improvisations. Vaidhya has developed a style of playing which is foot-tapping and ent...

  • S3 EP4 Pandit Shivkumar Sharma

    Episode 4

    Pandit Sharma unfolds its majesty with a level of artistry that will remain an example for posterity. Jog is dominated by gliding notes and to play it on a staccato instrument as the Himalayan dulcimer (santoor) is a feat only Pandit Sharma can accomplish with his command over the instrument and...

  • S3 EP5 Encounter

    Episode 5

    This is a love or hate performance composed by Param Vir who brings the voices of Veena Sahasrabuddhe & Patricia Rozario, uniting khayal & soprano in a piece inspired by Raag Chayanat, bringing out the core magic of oneness in music.

    Veena Sahasrabuddhe (1948-2016) was an esteemed Hindustani c...

  • S3 EP6 Jyotsna Srikanth

    Episode 6

    Srikanth is adept at both Carnatic and Western traditions with parallel eloquence. This recital of Srikanth is a celebration of her unfazed dexerity and soulfulness with which she plays Raag Bahudari and Raag Saraswati. She chooses to have two mridangam players on stage breaking the monotony and ...