Afternoon Ragas

Afternoon Ragas

  • S2 EP4 Ganesh & Kumaresh

    In a captivating and soulful duet, the violin brothers perform Abheri with profound deftness and powerful camaraderie. Their alapana is grounded, building an electric tanam with stunning percussive innovations on the violin. The pallavi is detailed with improvisations revealing diverse dimensions...

  • S9 EP2 Shuba Mudgal

    S9 EP2 Shuba Mudgal

  • S7 EP1 Niladri Kumar

    S7 EP1 Niladri Kumar featuring maverick musician Niladri Kumar (sitar) is accompanied by Subhankar Banerjee (tabla) at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall. He performs Raag Bhimpalasi

  • Sabir Khan and Momin Khan - Raag Bhimpalasi

    A soothing Bhimpalasi by 2 emerging talents from India played gorgeously on the sarangi

  • Kaushiki Chakraborty | Bhimpalasi

    Satyajit Talwalker (tabla) and Milind Kulkarni (harmonium)

  • Indrani Mukherjee | Raag Multani

    Indrani Mukherjee holds the tradition of the Kirana-Rampur gharana and thumri in Purab Ang. Mukherjee performs Raag Multani in the afternoon on location in the village of Bawali, West Bengal as locals watch on her performance with amazement.

    Multani is a popular afternoon raga. It draws from To...

  • Meeta Pandit | Raag Multani

    Raag Multaani by Meeta Pandit, who is one of the youngest and undisputed exponents of the Gwalior style or Gharana of North Indian Classical vocal music. In this video, Meeta elaborates Raag Multaani through a Bandish (composition) adhering to the structure of Gwalior Gayaki (style) with authenti...